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Civilization's time bound rituals of mindless consumption are deeply embedded in the human psyche. Disconnected eating habits have created unimaginable suffering on an infinite scale. Modern man's facing catastrophic epidemics of ill health fueled by a disconnection from Mother Earth, malnutrition, man-made chemicals, a polluted environment, greed, fear and untruths. The catastrophic Standard American Diet is a liar-liar-pants-on-fire source of needless human dis-ease.Hope, knowledge, truth and health: that's what Eat Right Now offers. Now's the time to return to the Celestial Apothecary-to transcend the modern way of consuming food; to lovingly nourish each cell that cradles the sacred knowledge of the boundless universe. How can one connect with the Divine if the Temple is corrupt?It's never too late to join the joyful dietary reawakening of humanity's food consciousness. Join the syndicated columnist as he shares 25 years of research plus easy-to-prepare vegetarian plant-based recipes.

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