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Never has the FIFA World Cup been explored in such a way - The History of the FIFA World Cup in 100 Objects tells the 85-year history of the world's most celebrated sporting event from a unique perspective and proudly boasts the most fascinating collection of artefacts from FIFA World Cup history. Every object tells a rich and fascinating story...From the actual ball used in the very first FIFA World Cup final and the collar of Pickles the dog who found the stolen FIFA World Cup trophy in 1966 to the football boots of Pele worn at the 1970 finals and the shirt Diego Maradona wore when he scored his infamous "Hand of God" goal in 1986. Other objects include the official team sheets revealing Ronaldo's withdrawal and reinstatement before the 1998 FIFA World Cup final and the scoreboard from the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals which displayed the historic score of Brazil 1 Germany 7. Richly illustrated, authoritatively researched and expertly compiled, the entries will be accompanied by approximately 300 words of detailed and entertaining text - and supplementary photographs - to put the item in context and highlight its significance. The History of the FIFA World Cup in 100 Objects is produced in association with the National Football Museum (the world's leading football museum) and the official FIFA Collection. With text written by respected footballer authority Martin Smith, this is the FIFA World Cup as never before.

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